Tuesday, March 4, 2014


ast weekend, I attended the Family Tree University Virtual Genealogy Conference. It is a fabulous event that you can participate in from home at your convenience. One of the chat sessions was titled “Translation Tools and Tips” with Lisa Alzo. During this chat I learned about the American Translators Association (http://www.atanet.org) where you can hire experts to translate foreign documents.  I have two newspaper articles written in Welsh that I have been eager to have translated, so I searched on this website and found someone. I then e-mailed her and, not long afterwards, she responded. After some preliminary discussion regarding pricing, I forwarded my “mystery” articles to her for translation. I am hoping the translation will help me put some more branches on the Welsh part of my family tree. 

If you have documents written in a foreign language and you don’t know that language, then by all means contact the American Translators Association.


Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, New York, Electronic Clip Art, "1200 Ornamental Letters," 2007.

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