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 just discovered the website Family Deeds (www.familydeeds.org). This is a free site that contains transcriptions of old deeds and documents from England.

Pat Johnson of Family Deeds, who wants to preserve and share the material she has found, states that the documents are costly and therefore need to be sold in order to finance the project. The documents are transcribed and posted on her website. She suggests that you search by surname (http://www.familydeeds.org/names.php), but you can also search by county (http://www.familydeeds.org/county.php).

My Hall ancestors lived in Lincolnshire, England, so I searched for Hall and then, within those results, for Halls who lived in Lincolnshire. I found a Conveyance dated 6 April 1876 from Heckington, Lincolnshire, the village where my Hall family lived. The conveyance pertains to a public house called the Royal Oak. (1) Other names in the document include Robert Taylor. (2)  I also have a Taylor line from Heckington, who coincidentally owned a public house early in the 1800s. 

I then tried the location search and under Lincolnshire I found a Conveyance dated 14 December 1839 in Helpringham. (3) Here I found a John Leak named as the owner of adjoining property. (4) This unusual surname rang a bell, so I looked at my family tree and saw that a John Leak was the husband of my 2nd great grand aunt, Elisabeth Taylor. According to the 1861 England Census, John Leak of Helpringham (and husband of Elizabeth) was born in 1801. (5) That would make him the right age to own property in 1839.

Here is the page if you wish to order a document: http://www.familydeeds.org/orders.php. The Family Deeds website also has the following page of useful links: http://www.familydeeds.org/links.php

If you have ancestors from England, you should check out this very nicely presented website.  As with any derivative document, you must not rely on it exclusively.


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