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enealogyInTime Magazine ( has two powerful and free genealogical search engines: 

  1.  Genealogy Search Engine 

      This searches ancestral records.

           2.  Family Tree Search Engine 

      This engine searches online family trees and forums.

Although these engines are powered by Google, they weed out the miscellaneous hits of a regular Google search and hone in on the genealogical information we are seeking.


I searched the Genealogy Search Engine on GenealogyInTime (( for “Eleazer Scripture,” my 5th great grandfather (1742-1815), and received 23 hits. When I searched in for “Eleazer Scripture” I got 351 results.  In addition, to my 5th great grandfather Eleazer, I believe there were at least two other men named Eleazer Scripture. Because Scripture is a relatively rare surname, most, if not all, of these Scripture folks are related to me in some way.

These are a few of the discoveries I made:


Find A Grave ( First, I found the record of Eleazer, my 5th great grandfather. I also found a number of  records that have Eleazer as a first name and Scripture as a middle name. In addition, some records mention Eleazer as a relative of the departed. If I had done a search on, I would not have discovered these relatives because their last names were not Scripture. Findagrave requires that you enter at least two characters in the surname field. These are some of the people I unearthed:

Irene Scripture Fisk was the daughter of Eleazer Scripture. (1)

June S. Hinckley Pepin, featured on one of the most lengthy FindAGrave entries I have ever seen, was the great-great-great granddaughter of Eleazer Scripture. (2) Because this entry was so detailed, I was able to sleuth out an enormous amount of information on my Hinckley ancestors, many of whom are buried in Ypsilanti, Michigan, not far from my home. A field trip will be scheduled when the weather gets warm. 

Eleazer Scripture Barney. (3) I don’t know how this person is related to me, so more research is needed.


USGenWeb   ( – There were a number of hits from USGenWeb that contained cemetery records and census records about possible ancestors. For example:

According to the 1850 Federal Census records in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, there was an Eleazer Scripture, age 62, living in the Town of Pewaukee. He was born in Connecticut.(4) This Eleazer is my 1st cousin 6x removed. 

A man by the name of Eleazer Scripture (1786-1863) is buried at Boscobel Cemetery in Grant County, Wisconsin. (5)  This could possibly be the same cousin listed above, but more research is necessary.


Next, I searched for Eleazer on the Family Tree Search Engine (, and received 64 hits. Here are my discoveries:

3. – A variety of trees containing the names of the immediate family members of Eleazer. There is no citation information for the tree data, so you have to take it with a grain of salt. It can give you possible clues, however. You can also contact the tree manager if you want more information on where they found their information.

4. - FamilyTreeMaker

"Ancestors of Mary Elizabeth Stevens" – Fabulous 49-page generational report containing many Scripture references. Unfortunately, there are no citations, but the information is quite detailed and will certainly lead to further research. (6)

"Descendants of Tobias Saunders" – This website states that Susan Saunders of Hopkinton, Rhode Island, married Eleazer Scripture. (7)  This Eleazer is not my 5th great grandfather.

5. - Rootsweb

The parents of Martha Harmon Scripture were Susan and Eleazer Scripture. (8)

On “WELLS-L Archives” I found information an Eleazer as well as several other Scripture family members. (9)

Using the GenealogyInTime search engines helped me to focus quickly on websites that deal specifically with the genealogy of the Scripture family and in particular Eleazer. When time is precious, this is a very good thing.  Give it a try!


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