Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: What's in the Basket?

I found the following photograph in an album I inherited from Winifred WILLIAMS Boyser, my grand aunt. To the left of the man in front of the car is a basket. This could be a picnic basket. However, the people in the photograph are dressed up--the men are wearing suits.  Perhaps people "dolled up" for picnics more than they do nowadays. The car looks like it is parked in the country. The location would have been in Oneida County, New York, and the time period was the first half of the 1900s.

I am pretty sure that the man on top of the car is Earl Hamlin, the husband of Isabel WILLIAMS Hamlin, my grand aunt.  Supposedly, Earl always parted his hair in the center. The man standing in front of the car is probably Frederick Boyser, the husband of Winifred WILLIAMS Boyser. The two women at the back of the car are most likely my two aunts, Winifred and Isabel.

In retrospect, I believe this was a staged photograph, and the car is a prop used by the photographer.

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