Friday, May 17, 2013


ne of my favorite moments from the recent NGS conference was when I met Lisa Louise Cooke ( I have been listening to her genealogy podcasts for over a year, and I have purchased all of her books. I love her upbeat attitude and technology know-how.  Lisa has a personality that makes you like her instantly.  She was as warm as she could be. I felt like a groupie meeting a rock star! She even complimented me on my jewelry.

My husband and I attended her presentation entitled “Google Search Strategies for Common Surnames: Quality Results in Less Time!”  Time is so precious, and Lisa has some great tips for preserving it using Google! While waiting for her presentation to start, I shared my admiration for Lisa with one of the ladies sitting next to me. She was in complete agreement.  It is her personality! She’s vivacious, energetic, friendly, down to earth and informative. The packed session went by quickly. Lisa is a natural when it comes to public speaking. 

If you haven’t listened to Lisa’s free podcasts (, you are missing some helpful information. You can wear your headphones while walking or doing chores.  She’ll keep you up to date on all things genealogical.  You can also read each show’s notes for free.

If you really get hooked, you can subscribe for a small fee to her premium podcasts, which contain additional information. See  I am, of course, a premium member. Lisa has also written several books. Be sure to check them out at

Also, be sure to read her blog: In addition, she is on Youtube. See

Genealogy should not be intimidating. It is okay to have fun while you learn this great hobby, avocation or career.  Lisa’s presence was a blessing for first time attendees to the conference.

Thanks, Lisa, for being part of the genealogical community!


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