Thursday, May 16, 2013


enealogy research requires an enormous amount of time, so I take every opportunity I can to maximize my time. Using Google alerts ( is one way to do this.  I have numerous alerts set up for assorted towns and surnames. Weeks can go by without alerts of interest, but today was different. Today I received an alert about an article entitled “Memorial would mark Tewksbury's 1775 Patriots 2.6-mile Line-of-march Memorial” by Katie Lannan ( This article talks about the Tewksbury Historical Society’s quest to set up posts and historical markers along the route through Tewksbury that its citizen militia marched on April 19, 1775. (1) According to this article, Dave Marcus, Historical Society President, stated, “That was the day the United States was made.” (2) The article also shows a picture of the Rev. Sampson SPAULDING Homestead; Sampson was my 6th great grandfather. Sampson had a son, Sampson SPAULDING, who was my fifth great grandfather. The younger Sampson was one of the Tewksbury minutemen. See Please note that "Sampson" is spelled "Samson" at times.

I am definitely going to contribute to this project!

If you are interested in more information on the Spaulding family, see my previous posts

If you aren’t using Google Alerts, you are missing a great tool. Let Google do the work while you attend to the other thousand items on your genealogy to-do list.  If you need help setting up a Google Alert, see


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