Monday, April 1, 2013


While browsing through my family’s scrapbooks, I found the following death notice postcards from the Utica, New York, Lodge, No. 33, B.P.O. Elks.  They were mailed to William Earl Hamlin (1892-1953), the husband of my grand aunt ISABEL WILLIAMS.  The cards contain a picture of the deceased, his date of death and how long he had been a member of the Elks. In addition, frequently the cards give the address of the late home of the deceased, where the Elks funeral ritual would be performed. In other cases, they give the name and address of the funeral parlor where the funeral would be held. And, lastly, the cards indicate the names of the Secretary and Exalted Ruler of the Elks at that time.

Although these cards contain images of people who are not my ancestors, I wanted to share them with the world in case someone is researching these individuals. 

Eugene J. Crave

Harry Curtis

Gustav Detlefsen

Theodore S. Butterfield

Don F. Wilson

You just never know where you will find information on your ancestors!


  1. This is a great find, Karin! How true- you never know where fantastic information (and photographs) will be found.

  2. Thanks, Jody. The postcards are adorable. I'm such a sucker for ephemera.