Sunday, January 13, 2013


ant to fill in some branches of your family tree? If you have New York ancestors, The Old Fulton NY Postcards Website ( can help! In addition, quite frequently you will find references to people from other states and countries.

Try putting in the terms “[surname] reunion” using exact search. Then scroll through the results (or hit Ctrl + F) for a newspaper from a town where you believe your ancestor resided.

Here is an article I found about my Taylor ancestors’ reunion:


As you can see, it is filled with names and locations—a great springboard for research.  ROBERT and ELEANOR HALL TAYLOR, my 2nd great grandparents, came to this country in the mid-1800s from Lincolnshire, England. I recognize many of the names listed in the article, but there are some I need to investigate.

If you haven’t explored historic newspapers, you are missing a critical tool in unpuzzling your past!


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(1) "Taylor Reunion Held at Clinton," The Utica Observer Dispatch, August 23, 1922, Old Fulton NY Post Cards, digital image 372622 (

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