Tuesday, January 1, 2013


In honor of New Year’s Day, I am sharing a pocket watch that was handed down to me from my Welsh ancestors in Utica, New York. 

Initials are etched on the back. I am not sure if the watch belonged to the person whose initials were on the watch or if the watch was purchased in memory of that person.

To me the initials look like R.O.W., which would stand for ROBERT OWEN WILLIAMS, my grand uncle.  Robert was born in 1883 in New York Mills, New York; he died of typhoid fever in 1906 at the age of 22.

Robert Owen Williams

Life was too short for Robert. His brief life is a reminder of how precious time is. 

Enjoy your life. Happy New Year!


Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, New York, Full-Color Holiday Vignettes, Electronic Clip Art, 2001.


  1. Yes! Time is precious, and we never know what a year may bring.

    Thanks for sharing that photo of the watch. Over the years, I've accumulated some wonderful keepsakes from extended family, and hardly know what to do with it--how, even, to include it in the catalog of family history. Good idea: just snap a picture of it!

    Best wishes to you for a bright New Year, Karin. I've enjoyed reading your posts in the last year, and look forward to many more!

  2. Thanks, Jacqi. I am so glad you enjoy my blog--I will keep the posts coming.

    Happy New Year!