Sunday, December 9, 2012


finally uploaded my tree to and linked it to my DNA results. Technology today is mindboggling!  Within minutes I discovered several people who have shared ancestors. does the work for you—it compares your match’s tree with yours and then lists the similarities. 

These are some of my ancestors from my father’s side who were direct matches with other DNA participants:

(It sure looks like I had plenty of DNA from my father!)

I also got a direct match on my mother’s side for Anna Haseltine.

There were also several people who had similar surnames in the correct geographical locations. I now have to do a little investigating and perhaps broaden out my tree to discover our direct matches.
  • There was one person with Cutlers in their tree (my mother’s side).

  • Another person had the surnames Lewis and Owen (my mother’s side).

  • A number of people had the surnames Beall and/or Magruder in St. George’s County, Maryland (my father’s side).

  • One person had the surnames Rice, Stone and Haynes (my mother’s side).

I now plan to e-mail each match and exchange information. Not only do I have new cousins, but I will be able to exchange information about our mutual ancestors. Who knows what discoveries await.

Another benefit of having your DNA tested is it gives you one more piece of evidence for your research.  It is one thing to have records indicating someone is an ancestor, but it really strikes home when you find another living person who is a DNA match with that ancestor.

If you haven’t gotten your DNA tested through (, you are missing an incredible opportunity! And the fun never stops. Ancestry e-mails you new matches all the time. Some people like to fish, others like to hunt deer. I like to find ancestors!


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