Thursday, October 25, 2012


Tonight I decided I would investigate my Scots-Irish ancestors who lived in Canada. New York is not far from Canada, and I have traveled through customs in Niagara Falls many times.

On there is a database called “Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1954.” In this database, I found Alexander Stewart, my great grand uncle. These are some of the gems I discovered:

  • His arrival date (2 Oct 1916)
  • The port of arrival (Niagara Falls, New York)
  • The departure contact (his wife Elmor [which should be Eleanor])
  • His age (50) and his birth date (apx. 1866)
  • His race (Irish) and his nationality (Canadian)
  • His occupation (bricklayer)
  • His address (786 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto)
  • That he had been in the U.S. before from 1888 to 1893 and that he was returning to work.
  • His destination was Buffalo, NY, to a residence on 18 Chippewa.
  • He is listed as 5’8”, of medium complexion, with grey eyes and brown hair with no distinguishing marks.

There was no photo; it was a card type record. also gave me a clue that there was another record in the same database for Alexander Stewart. From this record I learned:

  • His arrival date was 5 Aug 1923
  • His port of arrival was Lewiston, New York
  • His wife’s name was Eleanore.
  • He was 57.
  • He was born in Toronto, Canada.
  • His health was good.
  • His address was 40 Sparkshall Ave.
  • He intended to be in the U.S. for two months.
  • He was not coming because of an offer of employment.
  • He had not been deported or in jail.
  • He was not a polygamist or an anarchist.

I then took the addresses (786 Palmerston Avenue and 40 Sparkshall Avenue in Toronto) and put them into Google maps. I not only got the location, but I also saw a picture of the homes that are there and a view of the neighborhood. 

That's quite a bit of information for one night. Sometimes you get lucky!


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  1. My uncles spent many years between 1905 and 1952 travelling from Canada to USA and crossing at Huron or Niagara Falls . How do I trace their records.

  2. In addition to the Ancestry database referenced above, you could try New York, Northern Arrival Manifests, 1902-1956 on FamilySearch:
    Also see "Passenger Lists" by the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
    You could also contact the Buffalo Library at

    Good luck!