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One of the items I reviewed at the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center ( was “The Perry County Quarterly” published by the Perry County Historical Society.  The June 1995 issue in particular caught my interest.  (1) It featured an article on Meadowview, the home of my great grand aunt, JULIA BRASHEAR BLACK, and her husband Dr. Isaac Black. Meadowview apparently had thirteen rooms and was one of the “finest homes in the county.” (2) A full-page floor plan is included with details such as porches, maid quarters, a curved stairway, a stained glass door and location of fireplaces. (3)

This article gave birth dates, names of parents, education, children’s names, marriage information, military service and more. There was information in this article that I would never find using most records, such as “Dr. Black rode on horseback day and night to see his patients.” (4) I also learned that in addition to being a doctor, Dr. Black was a partner in a store known as “Dean and Black” where one could “swap a dozen eggs for a yard of cloth.”  (5)

I learned that Dr. Black enlisted in the 3rd (Clack’s) Tennessee Infantry Regiment, that he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and was severely wounded at Chickamauga and Resaca. (6) 

Confederate Line at Chickamauga

After the war he studied at the University of Nashville in 1867 and 1868 and graduated from the State Medical College of Georgia in 1869. (7) All this information is a springboard to more research. Although Dr. Black was not my direct ancestor, there may be items of interest pertaining to the Brashear family or to his daughters Alma and Lula, my first cousins 2X removed.

There is mention in the article that Julia’s father, THOMAS M. BRASHEAR, my 2nd great grandfather, represented Perry County in the legislature and also served in the State Senate.(8) In addition, the article states that Dr. and Mrs. Black are buried in the Brashear Cemetery which is at the rear of the house built by Thomas Brashear in Linden. (9)

This is the type of find genealogists crave.  Thank you Allen County Public Library and Perry County Historical Society for making this publication available to the public!


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